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An Elegant Far-East Themed Wedding

By Bridget Mora, Platinum Quality Author

Every bride wants to give her wedding a distinctive look and feel. A great way to do this is by choosing a special theme to use throughout your wedding and reception. The theme can be anything that strikes your fancy, of course; one very elegant idea is to have an Asian themed wedding.

If you are of Asian descent, you will probably want to focus on the details that are customary in your cultural heritage. However, if you do not have familial ties, a Far East wedding is still a beautiful idea. You might choose to focus on the traditions of one country, such as Japan, or you could do a more general Asian-fusion theme.

To create an elegant wedding, take your inspiration from the Far East, but do not cross the line into anything costumey. You are planning a wedding, not a play. Unless a bride's family is from Korea, for instance, she would not wear the traditional wedding garb of that country, because it would feel inappropriate. The idea is to take the concepts and use them within the framework of your own culture.

Let the guests have a glimpse of your theme right from the beginning. Create your invitations from beautiful rice paper, or have a graceful cherry blossom motif on them. If you select a special motif, such as a cherry blossom, or the Chinese symbol for double happiness, you can incorporate it in many elements of the wedding. Use your symbol on the cake, on favor wrappings, cocktail napkins, and the like.

The décor of your reception will be key in making your theme work. A color like red, which is a lucky color in Chinese weddings, would be one great option. Inspiration could be drawn from Indian palettes, include warm orange with saffron yellow, or a hot pink with gold embellishments (after all, pink is the navy blue of India). Beautiful lanterns suspended in groups above the tables will give a soft glow to your reception. For centerpieces, select blooms such as cherry blossoms, orchids, or Asiatic lilies arranged in simple but artistic displays. Little bonsai trees would also make a terrific accent.

Food is always important at a wedding. When you are trying to create a theme, this is especially true. Handrolled sushi is one thing that is sure to be a hit with guests. It would be really fun to have different serving stations, so you could have a sushi chef at one, perhaps tempura at another, and other dishes with pan-Asian flavors like ginger and sesame. For dessert, you will surely want a classic wedding cake, but you could also pass trays of little Far- East inspired sweet treats.

It would be beautiful for the bride to choose a streamlined silk gown to wear. Silks are very important in Asian cultures, and an elegant fluid style would be the perfect compliment to the simple, graceful style of Far-Eastern décor. Many pearls come from Asia, so you would naturally want fabulous pearl bridal jewelry. Pearl bridal jewelry with streamlined design would be perfect, such as a long strand of pearls with a rhinestone clasp.

The elegant style of the Far-East will provide wonderful ambience for your reception. You can use the principles of Asian design to create a wonderful atmosphere that your guests will love. To make everything perfect, you could even hire a feng shui expert to help you arrange your reception in the most harmonious way. Take that extra step to make your reception have a positive flow of energy, and to start off you marriage with good luck.

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The Steps To An Elegant Wedding Reception

By Amanda Jane, Platinum Quality Author

Wedding receptions are for the guests. You would take every care to ensure that they leave the event happy. For your guests to be happy, a lot would depend on how well you plan and organize your reception. The visitors will gather the relevant impression from the effort you have put into the event. So how do we hold a reception that everybody will be pleased with?

First, every visitor interacts with the environment. Is the hall clean enough? Is it large enough to hold many chairs and tables? How about the decoration? Did you take your time to make them elaborate and classy? Do they match the theme of the wedding? Many guests would come along with cars. Does the venue provide enough parking space? If you are holding the event in Summer or Winter when the weather can be so hot or so cold, you will have to take extra steps to ensure suitable room temperature.

The location of the event must not be too far away from the wedding hall. Some of the guests did not come in their own cars and it would be bothersome to move again to another far location when they are already tired. Find a convenient nearby site.

The music at the reception plays a very important role in getting the guests happy. Make sure that the DJ or band that you hire is versatile and can play as many variable tunes as possible. You have mixed guests and everyone must enjoy himself.

Food also makes the event. Your caterer must have some experience in serving large number of people. She must also be experienced in formal catering. Depending on your preference and budget, you may have a sit down dinner or a buffet. Buffets are cheap and will make everyone take what they want. Sit down dinners will also suit the elderly and is elegant to hold.

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Elegant Reception Tables - Wedding Table Decorations

By Chris Hunter Platinum Quality Author

Wedding table decorations are quite important to the overall success of your nuptials. Consider that your guests will spend more time at the reception than at the ceremony and many of them will sit at the table at least 50 percent of the time.

Flowers are the most conventional centerpiece and they can work very well for wedding table decorations. A large bouquet for each table can be done, but variations on the theme work well too.

For instance, you can have a number of small vases into a large bouquet. Then you have a built in wedding favor as each guest takes one home.

Or, you could have individual vases to which the place cards are attached. This too could be a take home wedding favor.

Think about adding rose petals to the table - it's both ornamental and romantic.

Flowers aren't the only plant that can make up a centerpiece though. Consider small trees, ferns, and other live plants.

Wedding table decorations can also feature articles such as candles, mirrors, sea shells, confetti, and colored glass.

You can personalize your wedding by making the wedding favors unique to you and your beau. For instance, if the two of you first got to know one another skiing, you might want to have a pair of skis at each place setting. Or, if you both love to ride horses, carrying a horse theme in the place settings, depending on the overall theme of the wedding, can be effective.

Here's some tips for how to create the best wedding table centerpiece:

  • "Layer" the look by alternating tall and short centerpieces.
  • To save money, integrate the bridal and bride's maid's bouquets into the centerpieces.
  • Don't be afraid to use unusual items such as picture frames, autumn leaves, and ice sculptures
  • Create breakaway centerpieces that can be used as wedding favors too.
  • Let them eat cake - and the centerpiece too. Your centerpieces can be edible carved fruits or vegetables, salt water taffy, or other candy.

Your wedding table decorations can be just as unique as the two of you are.

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How To Have A An Elegant Black and White Wedding Theme

By Kelly Rhodes

Every passing year, the traditional wedding ceremony in all white outfits is becoming a little more out dated. The rise of pastel colors, neon shades and gradients served as an avenue for many soon-to-be-wed couples choose among the thousands of color combinations and hues they can choose from to fit the motif for their wedding. And this year, the aisle is now prepared for the sophisticated look and ambiance of a black and white wedding theme.

Black and white themes may be a little unordinary and unlikely to be used for a wedding ceremony because of its dark and somewhat gloomy connotation. But in fact, black and white creates an effectual theme for the union of two persons, of two souls. Just like the yin and the yang, the opposing chromes of black and white is perceived as a perfect union and inseparability of the couple to be.

The murky and gloomy effect of the said shades can be easily overcome by correct styling and ornamentation. For your bridesmaids and groomsmen, you can opt to include in their suits and gowns accents of black and white tulips or flowers with a touch of silver to add more luster. To include more effect, the bride may wear black while the maids wear white; and the same goes for the groom and his men. Through this, more emphasis is given to the couples among other characters in the wedding. From the simplest accessories of the persons included in your entourage to their gowns and suits, always incorporate the sense of compliment and converse of the colors black and white to create more appeal and emphasis.

On the part of decorative elements, a splice of black and white flowers can also be placed as the centerpiece for reception tables. Black flowers can be done through spray painting the flowers with a glossy type of paint. Your guest give-aways and souvenirs may also be given a touch of black and white to give your wedding a more unforgettable and unique charm. A combination of black, white and silver confetti also creates a stunning effect in the place. Wedding stylists and designers also consider feathers as decorations as essential to making the whole theme look more striking and elegant. These feathers can be placed in invitations, floral arrangements, accessories of bridesmaids, and even the bride herself.

Black and white theme in weddings is becoming a trend nowadays because of the stylish and elegant effect it creates in the atmosphere. This may be the reason why more and more couples are resorting to making use of this motif for their big day. Aside from the sophistication and class it brings out, black and white theme fits almost any place and season.

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Elegant Wedding Favors

By Kevin Stith, Platinum Quality Author

Attractive, unique and elegant wedding favors usually make wedding ceremonies unforgettable to the guests. Unique wedding favors may be an inexpensive and elegant way of showing thanks and love to the guests who had attended this special event. Wedding favors are part of the celebrations and these are gestures of appreciation.

Wedding favors has become a flourishing business which can be limited only by imagination and creativeness. Elegant wedding favors can be made by simply combining one of the likes or hobbies of couples along with elegant packaging. Customizing the wedding favor is the best way to make an elegant wedding favor. This type of wedding favor shows an extra care towards the guests that in turn add to the elegance of the special occasion. Most of the distributors of the wedding favors specialize in the uniqueness and elegance of their wedding favors. There are different types of elegant wedding favors available such as all occasion gifts, decorative candles, charms, placecard holders, unique favor boxes and packaging, nautical wedding favors, botanical garden wedding favors, vineyard wedding favors and signature line wedding favor boxes. Creation of imaginative labels for the ordinary food items can make interesting wedding favors of every day use.

The selection of a wedding favor is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a wedding. Couples need to consider many things while selecting an elegant wedding favor. They need to keep the wedding favors within their budget as well as elegant enough to honor the entire guests. The trends of wedding favors usually vary each year and the couples need to ensure that their wedding favors are not out of fashion.

Elegant wedding favors usually provide wide possibilities for a couple to express their gratitude to their guests who were present for the great occasion. The selection of inexpensive wedding favors with quality and elegance will be the order of the day. The choice of these gifts may also vary according to the culture, interest, wealth, imagination and theme of the wedding. Couples are tempted to select elegant wedding favors that can be enjoyed long after the wedding day and which can be treasured by their guests.

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